The Eye Twitch!

My right eye has been twitching since last week. I really do not know what the reason was. So, who better to ask than GOOGLE himself(or is google a woman? Oh! well we will discuss it in another post). So lets get in detail to what google says;

A right eye twitch in men(there is gender bias here too) generally means “Good Omen”. Good things are gonna happen to you. And a left eye twitch signifies “Bad Omen”. bad things await you. It’s a mirror image when it is taken in reference to the opposite sex.

Also, generally eye twitching is associated to lack of sleep, stress and so many other factors. And thats where it all ended.

Finally, what does my RIGHT eye twitch signify?

Good Omen, ill stand and laugh right at you cos right now whatever is happening related to my plans and life are not even close to OK and we are talking about GOOD here(i was so drawn to using expletives in this sentence). Actually, I could not stop laughing when i read what the twitch signified. So long for superstitions.

So, people GO SLEEP and ill try to find some too cos i believe the lack of it just caused my eye twitch. And if in case something drastically changes over the coming few days, i’d like to believe it’s still that!

Cheerio 🙂


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