Osthe-Paisa Vasool




After brilliant commercial blockbusters like Dhil, Dhool, Ghilli & the mediocre Kuruvi, Dharani is back at what he does best…commercially entertain. With Osthe, the remake of much acclaimed Salman Khan starring blockbuster Dabangg, Dharani proves he is still one of the best in business.

The story is nothing new and most of the scenes are a ditto copy of the Bollywood original Dabangg. But, Osthe mainly works because of its cast, sleek screenplay and many witty one liners. The story is of a corrupt cop “Osthe” Velan(STR), a demon to the local goondas and corrupt politicians, a robin hood to the poor. Osthe Velan has a love hate relationship with his father(Nasser) & younger sibling Balan(Jithan Ramesh). It’s love at first sight for Osthe velan when he meets Neduvaali(Richa Gangophaday) during one of his goonda thrashing sessions.  Boxer Daniel(Sonu Sood) is the local bad guy eyeing an MLA seat. How their tracks meet and what happens in the end forms the rest of the story. Even though its an already known story, with the right mix of comedy, romance, action,e motions and perfect song placement, Osthe is a complete package that gives you full value for your money without a single dull moment.

Coming to the performances, as much as i think that no one could match Salman Khan’s charisma and an actor like Vikram or even a Vijay could have done a better job as Osthe Velan, STR does not disappoint. He is the pivot along which the story revolves around and the young actor finds his feet oozing with energy, emoting, dancing,  romancing with ease, making the goondas fly in the air with his punch and spew out one punch dialogue after another. MASS indeed. Richa Gangphaday as Neduvaali after an impressive debut in Mayakam Enna, has little to do. But with her expressive eyes and wonderful expressions she gives ample support. Santhanam is the other HERO of the film. If Osthe was entertaining than this man is the main reason. With his typical one liners, he brings down the house. Watch out for his special step in the Neduvaali number. You will die laughing. Sonu Sood as Boxer Daniel does his villainous role to perfection as he did in the original. All the supporting cast like Revathy, Nassser, Jithan Ramesh, Saranya Mohan, Thambi Ramiah, Mayil Saamy & VTV Ganesh fit their roles to perfection and do a commendable job worth mentioning.

Gopinath’s camera captures the mood brilliantly with vivid colours and brilliant colour tones. Thaman’s music blends well with the film and the songs are sure shot winners. Be it the foot tapping kalasala or the melodious Vaadi vaadi. A feather in Thaman’s cap. Although presented with numerous over the top fight scenes and the hero flying around like a bird at places scaling buildings, Dharani’s screenplay is tightly packed with the rest of the elements in equal proportion and moves along a rapid pace to keep you interested.

Rajster’s Verdict:

Osthe lives upto it’s tagline THE MASS. Watch it for pure timepass. Full PAISA VASOOL!!!


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