The lessons learnt

Early morning standing in the bus for an hour made me think of so many things. But then this one thing kept coming back. It just randomly flew from nowhere as i was standing there thinking, if not calculating who is gonna get down next so that i could get a seat. I was surprised how much this simple act of standing in the bus could be so much related to life.

The seat is what we want in life, our standing signifies our position. We want the seat so much and we calculate in our minds who might be the next person who might get up and try stand next to him/her to get the seat. Sometimes you never get the seat, sometimes you are so close yet it slips away, sometimes you get it after a long wait & sometimes you could be standing and a person who gets in the bus later than you can get a seat. That’s how life is. It’s not fair all the time, but all this while we still stand there waiting in HOPE that we might still get what we want.

I got my seat although i had to wait for more than half the journey standing, and how i wish life was as simple as getting a seat on the bus.

Was i right in thinking so? You tell me.

P.S. To avoid such future posts, kindly request the bus driver and public to allot a seat to me. Ha ha ha. Cheerio 🙂


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