A Year that was…Total Recall 2011

2011 in many ways has been the year of reconing…the year when everything happened, lessons learnt, new friends made, lots of thinking, appraisals, personal insecurities, waiting, hope(lots of it), rejection, job issues, bouts of happiness, a sweet 25 filled with surprises…you name it, 2011 has it all. But, i believe it had more to do with this time of my life(read as quarter life crisis), but then still 2011 wasn’t all that great personally except for a few moments of pure joy.

Here is an account of some important life lessons that the year 2011 has taught me overall;

1. Life Sucks. Live with it.

2. Change often seems so near, yet you just need to WAIT & KEEP WAITING sometimes. PATIENCE is the key, finding the right lock is the difficult part.

3. “Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing which decision to take is the worst of suffering.”―Paulo Coelho. So very true.

4. Even when your boss screws up something, you are to blame.

5. Working under 2 bosses is a pain in the A#se.

6. Joy of Giving. The satisfaction you get is something unparalled.

7. When you are angry, it is always better to keep quiet. In that way, you avoid being an idiot!

8. Expectation always hurt. Even the samallest one hurt. So never expect, rather let the things people do surprise you.

9. Some people will never change. Just stop trying to change them.

10. When you have a problem, it is always better to spew it out in a blog or in a paper rather than just telling it to people. Not because you do not want to tell them, but because they have their own share.

11. When you like someone, you pretty much like everything they do…and when you start to hate the same person, you begin finding faults in the same things that used to make you like them #truestory

12. Office without Facebook is like the worst thing EVER!

13. TRUTH HURTS!!! But, its always beter to tell the truth rather than comforting with a lie*

14. Discussing old memories on a night out with friends…PRICELESS!!!

15. Sometimes, your best friend WILL forget your birthday. Sucker up and stop making a big deal of it. One day that might be you.

16. Birthday bumps do not pain the day you get them. It pains like hell the next day and the next day.

17. Saying NO is like the hardest thing since evolution. Especially if you are the can can types.

18. You know somethings. For everything else, there’s GOOGLE

19. Never let your father choose eyeglasses for you. NEVER!!!

20. Boys & Girls can be best friends.

21. When the whole world is on a holiday (read as SUNDAY), it always sucks to work on that day. Week after Week.

22. When things do not go your way, you tend to feel nothing’s going right only to you. Look around, pretty much everyone is going through the same.

23. Never bother to explain to people who are not willing to listen. Those who know you will know why you did it (P.S. They might ask for an explanation too, but yeah you should know the difference)

24. Cooking is not as tough as you think it is, all you need is a bit of dedication and a sense of taste.

and i will leave you with the most valuable & important lesson i learnt, a lesson that i will never ever forget, a lesson that holds true even if you aren’t a big fan of it…


There were many more, but these were the most important things where my beliefs were taken for a ride. Come 2012, i will not say i will be a changed man…but i will definetly be more considerate and hopefully a lot wiser.

Cheerio 🙂


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