The Good Deed!

Yesterday, while i was readying myself to go to a client’s place, the car was very dusty and while cleaning i happened to find a piece of paper place safely under the windshield wiper. I got hold of it and could’t understand a word written in it since the whole thing was written in Arabic. The piece of paper is pictured below;

The Good Deed!

I took help from one of my Arab friends to know what was written on the piece of paper. It read;


I am really sorry that i have made a scratch in your car.

For anything regarding this issue please give me a call.

And he had left his name and number (which i have erased from the pic because of privacy reasons).

I was personally very astonished at something like this since i have never seen something like this happen. In fact it was after reading this note i checked and found a scratch in the vehicle. Says a lot about the man, he could have just left after making the scratch. But, he took the trouble to write a note and take the blame. How many of us will do something like this?

It is good to know good people still exist.


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