System down

This week has been one helluva ride.

Personally, it was a mixed, mostly feeling blue(about god knows what!). The mood was eerie, didn’t really felt the need to converse unless it was that important. Caught up with a movie titled Safe House during the week which was not worth watching in the theatre, but then chucked that feeling since it was a day out with friends and i really did have a decent day out. And then maybe the most important thing was Mission Change is up and running again. This time though there isn’t much of an enthusiam, but then Mission Stage-1 is almost 90% complete and the balance is expected to be done with in about a couple of days. I am taking my time doing things. Hopefully, i don’t take too much of it though.

Work wise, i couldn’t ask for anything better but then the inner feeling that i have been having didn’t really make me enjoy it. Plus, there are other reasons too. 6 orders in 4 days, ill take that hands down. Currently, as i write this i have about 20 files of pensding orders that i have been following-up on since today morning. I’ve managed to kick off the i’ll do it tomorrow attitude over the past couple of ays. Cleaned up my desk and everything seems  normal for now. Just needs a useless crib from my boss to trigger that disturbance of peace at work 😉

I have been totally out of sorts the complete week and the feeling still exists…Pretty much a drowning feeling, stuffed with too much thinking, a sense of lonliness, a touch of missing the past, good ol’ times. Mostly i prefer to keep to myself during these times and pretty much have been doing that, almost! Been listening to soft music, mostly Coldplay(perfect for the mood). I do not know for a reason even why i am scribbling this particular post, but then that’s me…confusingly complicated!


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