Funny Life

And so a few random profiles were showing up on the ‘friends you may know’ section of fb. I was checking a few out until a couple of them startled me. Profiles of a couple of girls whom i knew (i hereby take no responsibility in claiming that they know me too :P). Coming back, i was startled because both were married to america mapplilais and I for one certainly knew for a fact that during college days both those girls were in a relationship which i felt(at that time) would definetly work out and end up in marriage.

Certainly looks like it didn’t in both cases. It was funny cos i had been an innocent spectator sometimes to their public conversations and believe me, being me i just couldn’t control my laughter after seeing the happy posings with america mapplilais.

so long for LOVE. Long live america mapplilais 😉

Update:  07-05-2012: Have proofread & corrrected spelling errors.


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