The Resignation

Finally, the thing i had been long waiting for has happened. And this post should also have happened a few weeks ago, just that i wanted to write but just did not find that enough enthusiasm to go ahead with it. But, today is another day.

I have officially resigned from my job. A decision which i had taken more than a year ago, and a dream which was for more than 3 years.  had to wait, painfully long for this and finally it has come to me.

I filed my resignation a couple of weeks ago, and i’m still wondering at the things that have transpired back in office. 3 people have been appointed to take care of the work i was doing and the best part is I am still doing some of the work. so effectively now 4 people are doing what 1 guy has to do. This is a paradox on how i should feel. Proud that i was able to take up so much pressure and work or hard done by that I’ve been a fool all along to have been working the work of 3 people. My boss had called me in a few days ago and asked me “If it was really necessary” i had to leave. I had nothing but a strong “YES” as the reply.

And, so come July, ill embark into the familiar unknown. A new life. A new beginning. The wait was worth it.


4 thoughts on “The Resignation

  1. 🙂 i m more intrigued by ur letter….”mixed feelings”…”enjoyed working with you” …”splendid team”…i wonder 😛 anyway u r much better off in singapore than in kuwait !!! u’ll atleast find gals 😛

    • That’s what u call SUGAR COATING. But yeah, i did have a good rapport with my co-workers. ill miss that. Ada neenga vera adhukaaga pola naan. Im going to Study 😛

  2. hahaha…studies ellam ok…modhala edachu figure a correct panra vazhi a paarunga….illana ur chances of findin a gal will drastically decrease wid ur increasin age 😛

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