The Loyalty Ends!

Just noticed that this post was never published. i had written this about almost 2 months ago and some how it landed in my never ending drafts page. Anyways i’m going ahead & publishing it!

And so, after almost 9 years of being a loyal Nokia phone user, i have finally decided to move on and accept the reality. Android is a much bigger reach and millions of more apps than a symbian phone. By failing to jump the Android bandwagon, Nokia is rapidly losing its fan base.

My Phone History!

My first phone was a 2100. I used to call it the tubelight. Bright keypad lights were the highlight of this phone. Just a basic phone but i used to love it cos of those lights. Used it for a couple of years and then i lost it. Where and how are still unknown. The very reliable 1100 was a substitute for quite some time until my next phone the 2600.

Then came the 2600 classic. The initial version at the time of the model release. A colour mobile upgrade after the initial 8-bit screen. I do not remember how long i had used it but then i got my next upgrade. The Nokia 6230i.

The phone that i had totally used roughly. It bore the brunt of my everything and yet not once had it given up on me. Simple, stylish and sleek. Used it for just about a year or so. My phones have never ever gone for a service or repair, but this one went and that was cos my sister was using it after me and she has a whole long history with cell phones.

And then came the N73 Music Edition. My favorite of the lot. Used it for more than 2 years. It’s 3.2MP took few of the best pics. So many memories. But as they say all good things come to an end, i sold off my N73 to get into the touch generation. Enter Nokia N8.

Nokia N8,beautiful phone, brilliant colours, unbeatable 12 MP camera. But the only thing it did not have was a platform like Android. I have used it for more than a year, and as always with my other phones have not had any issues with N8 too.

But then we sometimes have to leave the good things aside to get to better things. And that is what i have done. For the first time in my life i have moved away from Nokia. For now Samsung will be my safe haven. Goodbye Nokia!



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