Chasing Dreams!!!

It’s been 5 years now to the date today. June 22. I can never forget this day in my life.  The day i was offered my first job. The day i was in the college toilet jumping, hugging friends and potential team-mates & shouting my head off like a crazy man. The day I started building dreams.

If you had asked me where do i see myself in the next 5 years, my answer at that time would have been so far far away from what actually it is in reality now. I was not afraid to dream. Work for a software MNC for a year, if everything goes right continue it there, or else i always had the option to switch being a mechanical engineer. I waited for this dream for more than a year, but sometimes dreams always remain dreams. One fine day in August, 2009 , there came an opportunity to put this dream to test. But then, it was too late as i had moved on to something else. I had started preparing for something else. Something i thought i’ll never do. Get back to Kuwait to work.

Kuwait. My connection with this place is strange to say the least. 4 of the most important years of high school, new environment, new friends. And then a total disconnect after those 4 wonderful school years. Lesser contacts with friends for over 5 years. The place was still the same when i returned back, except for the fact that the bus fares were increased by 50 fils and a few new areas had come up from nowhere. 3 years have whizzed past in a jiffy and its still the same. It’s not that i do not like this place, but i just do not feel connected here. My relationship with Kuwait is always in the “It’s Complicated” status and i just couldn’t push myself to change that.

Failure was something i hadn’t had taste of the past few years since i had cleared my first ever interview in the campus placements. After that my first attempt to work part time in a BPO was successful, and then coming to Kuwait i got into this job which was the only interview i attended. Maybe that was the reason rejection came in hard for the first time when i wanted something that bad. It was like the things i had dreamt and hoped of happening were told they would not happen, at least for the time being.

Now i am back to pushing the limits. On the verge of change yet again. On the verge of living my long pending dream. Over these years ive never stopped chasing, even for the slighest moment and i don’t intend to stop anytime soon…

Keep Chasing!
Pic. Courtesy: Google

Cheerio 🙂


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