Living the Dream-The Singapore Experience

Its just been over a month and the feeling is yet to sink in fully. Everything seems like a dream, perhaps reminding me i’m living one! It took a year and half to materialize, but everything has just seemed to fall in place. A month and half almost, its been fun till now and guess will be even more fun in the time to come.

The City

Singapore is a wonderful place to be in(read as after 3 hostile years in Kuwait, any place seems like heaven ;)). No kidding here. The word hostile can take a backseat. It’s more like an Indian atmosphere. People mind their own business, and they don’t give a damn about how u dress or how u comb your hair or what u wear for that matter of fact. The greenary is soothing to the eyes. Everything is clean and well organised. Travelling from one place to another was never easier. With the MRT, LRT and Buses to every nook and corner. You ask me, Singapore is the place to be!

The University

Where do i start? NTU is a never ending maze. Have just explored let’s say 25-30% of it. Lot’s of clubs, lot’s of opportunities to keep one self entertained. The lecture theatres are like the medieval time amphitheaters, Huge and extremely chilly. Some classes fun, most classes boring. But gotta study them all. Lots of recreation. Already been Dragon Boating and trying my hand at Archery. The 2 weeks of college so far has been fun to say the least. Maybe i’ll have something bad to say in my next post…maybe!!! 😉

The Food

After 3 years of being amma fed, being self fed and the occasional awesomatic cooking of room-mates is a welcome change, but the paunch has ceased to reduce. All the Indian food outlets tastes the same and there ain’t much of a difference. But, the one thing i hate the most keeps flashing everywhere and its absolutely unavoidable. RICE. Everything here revolves around rice. The side dishes range from cabbage to pork, duck and whole lot of things that walk and crawl. My resistance to pork and beef still continues. However, one can never say when the resistance will give away. Still have the belly and the hunger to try out a lot of cuisines, which will be done in due time 😉

The Experience

Although i miss my good friends back in Kuwait, staying at home with parents and the office scenario. This is something i always wanted. Being a student again isn’t that bad as i had imagined. And i’m absolutly loving every moment of it!

The journey has just begun…long way to go 🙂

For more on my Singporience (a word i just made up :P), please feel free to follow my picture blog at tumblr where i have linked my instagram account:



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