of life and other small things!

It’s been quite a while since i had blogged. Wanted to write on many occasions, but as usual laziness always gets the better of me. Singapore has been treating me well. It’s fun doing the balancing act b/w studies, entertainment & sleep. I’m still learning to master that art of balance.

So, a recap of the past few weeks. They have been hectic, if  could really use that word here since sleep takes most part of the day. Between sleep and the few hours of college lectures there have been numerous events happening. CA’s & projects have taken up most of the time. And CA’s are really a good way that make u to look into your notes once in a while. As always there is an exception. ADVANCED MECHANICS OF MATERIALS. One subject where even after u study for hours & spend hours preparing the most efficient cheat sheet in the history will make u wonder why you are even studying this subject. Sigh! And then there were a couple of volunteering sessions. Somethings that you give back to the society.

Between all this happened to watch Maattrraan in a theatre far away. There are some shitty things you do in life and watching Maattrraan was one of them. Absolute horrible disaster. Perhaps the only saving grace in the movie was it allowed us to make fun of it for the whole duration of 3 hours, No kidding! Also been listening to a lot of latest songs and have been really impressed by quite a few. Podaa Podi is peppy and good. Love the complete album. Jab tak hai Jaan is usual Rahman material. Still gotta hear it a few times on loop to love it more.

Playing these on loop

Today was an even more eventful day, thanks to the stop start Singapore weather. A perfect plan to chill out at East Coast Park was ruined, thanks to the rain. But then a sumptuous dinner at a low price at ANNALAKSHMI restaurant followed by chill out with the gang. ECP can wait for another day, another time!

That’s about it! Life is simple with all the small things perfectly in balance. What more do u need?

until we meet, cheers 🙂


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