5 years on, g(r)o(w)ing strong!


5 years ago, just out of college, jobless and utterly bored being in Kuwait, I decided to do one thing. Start Blogging. It was  something which was started to pass some time and nothing serious. Eventually, it was fun after a point of time.

Since the inception of this blog, I took to writing what people would like to read. It was mostly movies and I kind of loved writing movie reviews. And since I was in Kuwait, I had the chance to get some reviews on board before the movie was even out in India (the movie released on Thursday in Kuwait while it released on Friday in India). Then came politics, it was quite easy to mock our politicians but soon enough i led to boredom and the entire topic was out of question. Sports got it’s due here and there. Yet I kept the reviews flowing, both music & movies.

But soon enough, a job came, the time I spent on the blog dwindled and yet sometimes I still found time to update a few reviews of movies I felt were really important. After a point of time even that stopped. At that point, I felt I should turn it into a private blog. But, who apart from friends (numbers counted using fingers) would read about my boring life. After all, it’s not Life of Pi. I still have a couple of private posts which, believe me, most of u would laugh your socks off reading those posts.

But I wanted to keep this going, so most of my free time I would always be reading up on how to get the blog moving forward, so with those ideas came the random posts, sometimes ramblings, things heard and said about, things that interested me. And then there was a time when it became tough, and that is when this very blog came to my rescue. I could write anything, absolutely utter bollocks and I didn’t care if anyone read it or not. All I wanted was a place to put out those feelings which couldn’t be expressed (Disclaimer: Do not mistake these ‘feelings’ it for love! :D). When at a time I was lonely among friends, my only companion was this very blog.

3 years on, 4 years on and now it’s been 5. I did not even have the slightest of ideas that I would still manage a blog for five years. But here we are stepping into the sixth, I would like to thank all those kind souls who still follow my blog and the few who interact and provide feedback. To the wonderous people who constantly ‘Like’ my posts, your likes are a boost to me and keeps me going. To the thousands of you who prefer to be silent viewers & the thousands who come to this place in search of something or the other. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂


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