5 Reasons why you shouldn’t watch Maryan!


Just came back home after watching Maryan and here are my views on why you shouldn’t watch the film. 

1. The hero does not beat up the baddies and recite punch dialogues at will. There is a scene involving a leopard where our hero could have hit it with his own hands and shouted “ovvoru adiyum 1-1/2 ton weightu. Paakriya! Paakriya!”. Chance missed!

2. Our Heroine actually knows to act. This is bad by all standards of Tamil cinema (let’s not bring in Bollywood here). There is no skin show and most of all, she looks wheatish in complexion.

3. There is no masala in the movie. No sister sentiment, no father sentiment, no big fight scenes, no vehicles being blasted, no aruvaals. cha!

4. The director has great sense of though and has done great homework for the film. He has visually conceptualized each and every frame and must be condemned for doing all that. How dare he!

5. Coming to the music, there are no kuthu songs, you know when our hero is dead tired in the desert trying to get back home, they could have bought in 2 foreign beauties and started a dance there. Would have helped the script also. We all love it that way.

If you are still reading this, STOP! looking for reasons to not watch the film.

If you are willing to be patient enough, MARYAN is a BRILLIANT WATCH for the lead performances, a wonderful conceptualization of the director’s vision and brilliant cinematography & music to top it off all. Please go watch it in theaters.



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