5 Reasons why you shouldn’t watch ARRAMBAM!

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The much hyped, much anticipated Ajith starring ARRAMBAM is in town. Happened to catch the movie yesterday and here are my 5 reasons you probably shouldn’t watch this film.

1. Ajith Kumar. One man army. Beloved Thala to many just makes you sit up and take notice. The man has such immense screen presence, he doesn’t even need to act to get your attention. But who watches a movie for one man?

2. Perfect mass entertainer with a social message. Oh! come on man, enough of the social messages already. We know everything. Don’t bore us!

3. Strong star cast and Technical team. Everyone fits their role to a T. And what gorgeous locations & cinematography. Even the sets are well constructed. The songs are visually a treat to watch. I’d rather watch the songs on tv, you may say!

4. Clichéd storyline. How many times will we keep watching this? You know Madurai, SIvakasi, Thiruppachi, Thirumalai, Singam, Singam 2 and so many more mass movies had wonderful story lines.

5. Vishnuvardhan. Stylish director. More style over substance man!

Yuvan Shankar Raja. Probably the only reason you might wanna miss this film. He’s in such poor form that even his BGM’s do not work. Take a break, my man! Come back stronger!

If you are still looking at the top 5 reasons and nodding positively then my friend i am assuming you are rival actor’s fan who just wants reasons to bring down this movie. ARRAMBAM is no rocket science movie. It never promised that in the first place.  It promised to be an out and out mass entertainer and it just is with a social message too.Even though it is a bit draggy at times it picks up pace almost immediately and ends with a bang! Thala keeps you entertained throughout!

Let’s make it simple! Diwali came early. Grab your popcorn tubs and be entertained! Happy “THALA” Diwali!


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