When opportunity knocks…

It has been almost 4 months since my last post and there has been so much around me that has changed. From close to securing a job in India to taking up a position in a totally new country. Life has been nothing short of CRAZY!!!


Towards the end of January 2014. On a fateful Tuesday morning, I received a phone call to come an attend an interview. I was asked to confirm if I am “OK” with this interview since the job position would be in India. I was never really into this particular job, however, i just wanted to give it a try & if I were selected I could always say “NO”. So on that notion I attended the interview on Wednesday and I was interviewed by the general manager who told me that I was over-qualified, but was being interviewed since they were trying out something new. I was offered the position. And all that was left was my final decision. It was a luring offer since I would be paid in a foreign currency and would work in India (Bengaluru to be exact). A Dream job, some would say! I came back home and discussed it with friends and family, but inside I was skeptic about working in India. I was still at loggerheads with myself on making a final decision. Early morning on Thursday, I was half asleep still when I received yet another phone call from the company asking me to come in for a “Second Interview”. So many things were racing through my mind at that very moment the HR mentioned a “second interview” since for all I know the position was already offered to me and I had met all the top people in the company including the boss, who was part of my first interview.

I was on time for the “Second Interview” but had to wait for about an hour and half since there was a sudden client meet and the bosses were busy. When I was finally called in, it was into a meeting room with the boss, hr and the general managers. And what followed was life changing in certain aspects. They informed me that the position I had interviewed for was being kept on “HOLD” and asked me if I would be interested in a managerial position in the Philippines (mild KANNA LADDU THINNA AASAYA feel). So many things were racing in my mind that although I tried to concentrate on what was being said there, I just couldn’t. I still do not remember what was being said and discussed for a few moments after they announced about the new position. And to go with this, I would be offered accomodation & transport. All I had to take care was the food. The other conditions would remain the same as discussed. Yet again, the ball was in my court. I had to decide.

There were a lot of discussions and lots of phone calls made. Discussions with family and friends were 50-50. For some strange reason, for me while working in India gave me the creeps, going to an absolutely new country(where people advised me that my life would be in jeopardy) seemed challenging. I had already made up my mind. My reasoning: I lived(read as survived) in an alien land, where language was a main barrier for 3 years, why cant  I in a land where people speak English and are far more easy going. Opportunity was knocking hard at my door and I was in no mood to let it leave. i opened my door to the opportunity and embraced it wholly.

The mind is a palace of a thousand thoughts and most of them were what if? questions. Although I had accepted this “Challenge”, I was still a bit afraid if everything would work out. As I write this, it’s already been 2 months since I took up the job and I am very happy that I took it up. I could have chosen a safe way and declined the offer. Nobody would have said anything & I would have been safely cocooned in my comfort zone. But, that’s not what we live for. is it?


More in my next post. Till then stay classy!


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