The Philippine adventure…Part 1

So starting from where I had left off in my earlier post, I have been in the Philippines now for just over 2 months now. For me personally, when I first arrived here and came out of the airport, there was already a mild OMG! This is so much like India feel. That feel escalated more and more as I was driven to my place of stay in Paranaque(a city in Metro Manila).

In these two months, there’s been a lot of travel in and around Manila, Batangas, Makati, Sta. Rosa and also a couple of trips made to Subic mainly for customer visits. I’ve got to admit that the Philippines has the most picturesque countryside settings with the mountains forming a beautiful landscape.

© Rajster Images

These were some of the pictures that i had taken during my trips and I believe that they speak for themselves. This is just a part of the adventure and i have just begun to explore the country. There are about 7107 islands in the Philippines and most of them have beautiful landscapes and beaches. There is a lot of time to explore the country which I will. For now this is all I have for you. More to follow later. Till then Cheerio 🙂


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