What if ?

June 22. A fateful date in my life.

7 years ago, on the same day after finding out that my name was in a list on the notice board, I was running along the college corridors with a group of friends shouting at the top of our lungs. The reason, all of us(who were shouting) got placed in a major IT company. To top it off, it was the first company that came in for placements and we were just completing our third year. It was a sense of overjoyed excitement compounded with an achievement.

Life could not have been better. Having a job when you go into the final year, you are assured of a career immediately after the end of your college life. You tend to feel relaxed since you do not have to go through the rigorous drill of attending another interview. You feel that finally you have achieved something in life. It felt good, but not for long.

Early 2008, we were in our final year. Enter Recession. It is often stated by everyone that we were the most unluckiest batch in the history of the college to pass out. We started greatly, but it was not the best of times to end your studies and go about your career. Recession hit us hard, front, right & center. IT companies were closing down, downsizing of companies, jobs being cut-off & companies not willing to hire new candidates. These were some of the usual things we began hearing and experiencing. There were rumours galore about how so & so company has kept their recent hires on the bench. How many after being on bench were asked to leave and what not. Amidst all this hoopla, we graduated!

And then we waited and waited. The expected calls never came. 3 months passed. And then 6 months passed. People began to chose the other route. Higher Studies. I did too, only to be unsuccessful in my attempt not because I failed to secure an admission but our very own University could not respond to an acknowledgement fax. The company kept emailing some online modules and tests to take. There were already “cheat codes” available for all the modules and the tests were passed. I still have the online generated certificates as souvenirs. But, again the most expected call never came. In the midst of all this 1 year had passed since I had graduated and I still didn’t have a job(technically I had one, but hadn’t started working). I wrote to my dad. I do not really remember what I wrote about but definitely it was something to do with me being confused and not willing to take up the job at the IT company(which I got placed in). I then decided to go back to Kuwait. A month after I began the Visa processing and certificate attestation, the call finally came. They asked me to join on Aug 25. The exact same date I had booked my air tickets to Kuwait.

I do look back sometimes and think what if I had chosen to take the other path. Honestly, I hated anything related to computers(coding, writing long programs, debugging and what not!). If I had accepted it and joined the IT company, and if I were successful enough, I would have been leading a hectic life back in Chennai and at best would have been posted onsite by my company at some remote western country(namely the US of the A). That would have been another story!

Now, I have no regrets that I chose this path. This path gave me a job, then a master’s degree and then now a managerial position. What more can I ask for?


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