My 2 cents

After a very long absence, I yet again make a comeback into the blogging world. After all, this is now the second best place to record my ramblings(damn you, twitter!). I did not even do the top 10 thingy I do every year without fail. Pardon me, as I was shuttling around a few countries. Now, i am here and I just hit upon this idea to begin a new .

So, as you all know I am a movie freak. If I were stuck on an island I’d probably survive if I had a laptop along with a 1TB hard disk with movies in it. I watch all kinds of movies ranging from good to RGV Ki Aag. Languages doesn’t matter. Statistics say I watched around 42 films in the theatre last year. Yes, I think I had some kind of instinct to take note of that(totally helped now). I live in the Philippines and I get to watch most English films in theatres, but I still do not have the luxury of watching regional Indian films(Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc…), so the interwebs are my only source.

Coming to the point, introducing to you all. The new segment on my blog, MY 2 CENTS. The title exactly signifies what it wants to say. It is my opinion and I would not be giving stars(although I absolutely love it!) or dissing somebody’s art for a personal agenda(ain’t nobody got time fa dat!). Just honest opinions on movies or anything else for that matter of fact.


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