That day, never again!

Every single time I think of him, it always flashes through my mind. The telephone conversation we had just couple of days before he passed. It was the last time we spoke and it was after a long time he had called. He spoke about his career, his ambitions and what not! He even spoke about settling down. We joked about everything. That’s how we always speak. That chirpy voice, the enthusiasm with which he spoke keeps echoing in my mind. And then, two days later it was all gone. He lay there, motionless in the morgue in his favorite black shirt and beige pants. No, it was not HIM. It failed to register. Everybody there wished it was just a prank. But it wasn’t. He was gone for real taking with him the hopes he had, the dreams he shared, the life he wanted to live and a part of our souls.

He has been gone for 7 years. If there is one thing I wanted to change, I just wish September 15, 2008 never happened!

Rest in eternal peace, my dearest friend.


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