2016-The Year in Music-Tamil Top 10

file_000-12016 was an average year music wise with not many great songs to choose from. A.R.Rahman was at his standard 2 albums a year, Anirudh was much out of sorts and D.Imman was churning out albums like an assembly line(think he had 11-12 releases this year). Harris Jayaraj is still searching for his missing omakaziya and Santhosh Narayanan is moving further away from his brand of music with his recent releases(read Bairavaa). There were some bright sparks though coming in from young upcoming composers like Nivas K. Prasanna, Leon James, Sean Roldan and K. So here goes my best 10 of 2016, songs that I loved and listened to on repeat this whole year.

Top 10 Playlist:

1. Maya Nadhi – Kabali (Santhosh Narayanan)

The song that I had played on loop during the album release and most times listen to it without FF. Beautifully sung and orchestrated, the lyrics just tug your heart strings and the picturization was the icing on the cake.

2. Thalli Pogathey – Acham Enbadhu Madamaiyada (A.R.Rahman)

Yet another chartbuster, instant hit from the time of release of the teaser. With GVM, you can count on him to get these kinds of tunes from the composer and go on to picturise the song like a dream. Album of the year easily too.

3. Adiyae Azhage – Oru Naal Koothu (Justin Prabhakaran)

I really liked this album at the time of it’s release, but I discovered the beauty of this song quite recently. Easily one of my most ‘listened on loop’ song of the year. Sean Roldan is in great singing form and adds so much to this song with just his voice. And the song video was great too.

4. Ola Ola Kudisaiyila – Joker (Sean Roldan)

Easily one of the best albums of the year. All the songs had a different flavor and fit the theme of the film to a T. Sean Roldan is an amazing musician and I personally am a big fan of his voice(listen to Mayakura Poovasum if you haven’t already) and love the Chellama number just for his ‘Aelelamalaelo’, but this composition is just beautiful and had to be on this list.

5. Ey Sandakara – Irudhi Sutru (Santhosh Narayanan)

It is no secret that I love these kinds of song by Santhosh Narayanan. Be it ‘Mogathirai’ from Pizza, ‘Boomyil’ from Pizza II, ‘Aasai oru pulveli’ from Attakathi or ‘Naan Nee’ from Madras. Ey Sandakara added so much to the movie and the voice just had me hooked.

6. Konji Pesida Vendam – Sethupathi (Nivas.K.Prasanna)

Although Sethupathi was an out and out mass entertainer, the songs were less formulaic, thanks to Nivas. K. Prasanna’s music. His debut in ‘Thegidi’ was out of the world and ‘Zero’ was one of the best overall albums of this year. Although many might not consider Sethupathi as a great album, it had hummable songs and this beautiful duet was repeat worthy.

7. Aval – Manithan/Ei Suzhali – Kodi (Santhosh Narayanan)

A tie for the 7th spot. 2 compositions from SaNa that makes the list. Although this was an average year for SaNa in terms of growth in his music, it can be clearly said that when it comes to these kinds of songs, can rely on him to deliver with eyes closed. Ei Suzhali was quirky and hummable.

8. Un Kadhal Irundha Podhum(Reprise) – Kavalai Vendam (Leon James)

Leon James is just 2 films old and is already making a mark for himself with his music which is trendy and appealing at the same time. The original version of this song was excellent too, but the vocals on this song by Vandana Srinivasan just melts your heart.

9. Uyire un Uyirena – Zero (Nivas. K. Prasanna)

One of the biggest contenders for Album of the year. The fate of the film meant that the songs went unnoticed by many. Nivas K. Prasanna’s debut album makes you yearn for more. Was difficult to pick just one song, but I’d go with this one since I had heard it more than the others and listening to Anirudh’s voice in a soft melody was refreshing!

10. Makka Kalanguthapa – Dharmadurai (Yuvan Shankar Raja)

The folk song of the year. Perfect for some ultimate kuthu. ’nuff said!

Honourable mentions;

  • En Jeevan – Theri (G.V. Prakash Kumar)
  • Naan Un – 24 (A.R.Rahman)
  • Kannai Vittu – Irumugan (Harris Jayaraj)
  • Elanthaari/Kannadikala – Maaveran Kittu (D. Imman)
  • Sirikadhey – Remo (Anirudh Ravichander)
  • Mirutha Mirutha – Miruthan (D. Imman)
  • Yaaro Petha Pulla – Andavan Kattalai (K)
  • Akkam Pakkam Paar – Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum (Santhosh Narayanan)

Top 3 Albums in 2016

  1. Acham Enbadhu Madamaiyada by A.R. Rahman
  2. Joker by Sean Roldan
  3. Zero by Nivas K. Prasanna

Album of the year: Acham Enbadhu Madamaiyada

Music Director of the year: A.R. Rahman (just for the sheer impact of AYM’s music)



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