I, Me & Myself

So where do i start??? i get a page to reveal my identity…my own self…my inner side…to start with i am Rajev,a student…i still keep calling myself a student coz i am eager to learn always…from education, from friends, from experience, from life…it doesn’t stop here…known is a drop, unknown is an ocean…u can always keep learnin from anywhere and anythin.

An engineering graduate waiting to excel in this ever competitive world, music is my passion and i cant live without it…i follow all sports…be it cricket,football,F1 or tennis…i follow A to Z of all…i have my own likes in all sports…i support MAN UTD in soccer and Team INDIA in cricket…Christiano Ronaldo, Kimi Raikonnen, Rafael Nadal & Sourav Ganguly are my heroes in their respective fields.

Coming to life…i always have a different perspective of life…Life is all about making the right decisions and moving on & not only that Life is a lot about learning from our mistakes…who doesn’t make mistakes,its all about learnin from our mistakes and scaling greater heights…if someone disagrees with my view,i am sorry,but i beg to differ…

All i am is a human being, with all the normal weaknesses and imperfections you would expect a man to have…I am on a personal Quest to find my path,my way in life that leads me to happiness and personal fulfillment with all internal and external contribution and hence i gave birth to RAJSTER’s BLOG…a place where i can speak my heart out…a place where i can share my ideas with yours…a place where i can be content that my life was lived to the fullest…join the journey…let the ride begin…cheers!!!


8 thoughts on “I, Me & Myself

  1. Chelsea Rocks!!! ManU just ride on their old success!!! Chelsea come up with different tactics every other game! Hail Chelsea.

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