Before the Flood-A movie on Global Warming

We have heard so much about global warming over the years and probably even know some of its effects on our environment. But, how far have we come? Is everything we have known about it true? Is there any hope left?

Watch the trailer of this thought provoking documentary below;

UPDATE: The documentary was available to watch for FREE on YouTube for just a short while. If you are still interested to know more, you can follow the links below;

Before the Flood on NGC

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TsuNaMo sweeps India!


                                                                                                                                                  Pic Courtesy:

India has awakened! And finally we have a government that has a clear majority. We have waited long, 10 years to be exact for a powerful prime minister and our wait is over. 325/543 seats is impressive and to think that one man has made this possible is just mind boggling. Just goes to show that people have had enough of the political parties looting in the name of dynasty politics. A nail on the head for both Congress and DMK down south. Die-Nasty!

And down south AMMA has shown her power with an impeccable 37/39 seats and DMK turned with zilch. Amma na summa va!

Now waiting for NaMo to fulfill his initial promise. Hoping for a better India. Jai Ho!

The Philippine adventure…Part 1

So starting from where I had left off in my earlier post, I have been in the Philippines now for just over 2 months now. For me personally, when I first arrived here and came out of the airport, there was already a mild OMG! This is so much like India feel. That feel escalated more and more as I was driven to my place of stay in Paranaque(a city in Metro Manila).

In these two months, there’s been a lot of travel in and around Manila, Batangas, Makati, Sta. Rosa and also a couple of trips made to Subic mainly for customer visits. I’ve got to admit that the Philippines has the most picturesque countryside settings with the mountains forming a beautiful landscape.

© Rajster Images

These were some of the pictures that i had taken during my trips and I believe that they speak for themselves. This is just a part of the adventure and i have just begun to explore the country. There are about 7107 islands in the Philippines and most of them have beautiful landscapes and beaches. There is a lot of time to explore the country which I will. For now this is all I have for you. More to follow later. Till then Cheerio 🙂


I swear i have not seen anything like this before except for in the movie 300. If you do not exactly know what i am talking about take a look at the pictures below:

Yes people, this sinkhole(scientists say not to call it so) was formed a week back in Guatemala which is in Central America. My first impression immediately after seeing this pictures was the world is slowly coming to the END. Then scientists say that these sinkholes are formed due to erosion of the underground rocks by ground water. But, i feel that this thing looks pretty cool. Wonder what’s inside the hole??? Keep guessin. Till then adios 🙂