Before the Flood-A movie on Global Warming

We have heard so much about global warming over the years and probably even know some of its effects on our environment. But, how far have we come? Is everything we have known about it true? Is there any hope left?

Watch the trailer of this thought provoking documentary below;

UPDATE: The documentary was available to watch for FREE on YouTube for just a short while. If you are still interested to know more, you can follow the links below;

Before the Flood on NGC

Buy Before the Flood on iTunes


Chasing Independence!!!

What is Independence to us? During my teenage years, my idea of Independence day was the function at school. We were dressed at our best with a flag pinned to our chests. We held our heads high, sang the National Anthem and fought for the chocolates after the flag was hoisted…

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Kick the Butt!!! TODAY!!!

Today, May 31 is World No Tobacco Day. SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH…well, this doesn’t seem to matter to the people who smoke since these are the exact wordings imprinted on every cigarette packet. Check out the video below that provides details on the World No Tobacco Day:

This is an appeal to all my friends around the world. Please QUIT smoking before it is too late.