Rewind 2016

Personally, 2016 for me was a fairly innocuous year. There were periods when a lot of things happened and there were periods where there was a lull. But, hey, I survived it all. Here is a rewind of my 2016

  • Attended a christian wedding right at the start of the year, of a colleague in Manila, dressed in a traditional Filipino dress(The Barong Tagalog).
  • Applied for a Singaporean PR, got rejected in record time(29 days). LOL!
  • Traveled to El Nido, Palawan, Philippines with friends. Had a wonderful time. 5 full days of masti.
  • Watched KABALI, first day first show(FDFS) @ Mayajaal, Chennai, India. Woke up at 4am and traveled about 40 kms.
  • Got my AADHAR CARD. w00t w00t!
  • Got my Philippine driving licence.
  • I broke something. Something important, something very precious and I dare not speak about it now.
  • Traveled by train and returned by flight(my first domestic flight experience) to Trivandrum, Kerala, India to attend the wedding of my dearest friend. Yet, another Christian wedding. What are the odds?
  • Had a family trip to Phuket & Bangkok, Thailand. Was in a cage with a live tiger, pro-kart raced and drove a jet ski. Three things ticked off the bucket list in one trip. And family time 🙂
  • Returned back to MNL after the trip and was hospitalized for one full week with Dengue. Darn the mosquitoes! More than the stay in hospital, what bugged me most was each day, anew nurse inquiring ‘Are you alone?’ and not to forget my veins beaten to pulp with needle pokes for blood tests(19 times, yes I kept count.)
  • Learnt that my company had a travel insurance in my name(since I am posted abroad). FULL REFUND!
  • Fitter than I was in 2015. Still a lot of weight fluctuations and bad diet practices. One step at a time.
  • Watched a hell lot of movies and series once again. Don’t see that changing one bit in 2017 too.
  • Planned to go skydiving, did not!
  • Failed miserably in my reading challenge for 2016. Read 8/15 books. The good thing though was that I had read all the 8 books by mid year and read bits and pieces the remaining 6 months. Will set the record straight in 2017.
  • Turned 30 this year. 30 years of pure awesome.
  • First Christmas and New years in Manila.

So, that was my 2016. If you read this, do leave a comment on how your 2016 was and wish you all a very Happy New Year 2017. Cheers 🙂



2016-The Year in Music-Tamil Top 10

file_000-12016 was an average year music wise with not many great songs to choose from. A.R.Rahman was at his standard 2 albums a year, Anirudh was much out of sorts and D.Imman was churning out albums like an assembly line(think he had 11-12 releases this year). Harris Jayaraj is still searching for his missing omakaziya and Santhosh Narayanan is moving further away from his brand of music with his recent releases(read Bairavaa). There were some bright sparks though coming in from young upcoming composers like Nivas K. Prasanna, Leon James, Sean Roldan and K. So here goes my best 10 of 2016, songs that I loved and listened to on repeat this whole year.

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The Philippine adventure…Part 1

So starting from where I had left off in my earlier post, I have been in the Philippines now for just over 2 months now. For me personally, when I first arrived here and came out of the airport, there was already a mild OMG! This is so much like India feel. That feel escalated more and more as I was driven to my place of stay in Paranaque(a city in Metro Manila).

In these two months, there’s been a lot of travel in and around Manila, Batangas, Makati, Sta. Rosa and also a couple of trips made to Subic mainly for customer visits. I’ve got to admit that the Philippines has the most picturesque countryside settings with the mountains forming a beautiful landscape.

© Rajster Images

These were some of the pictures that i had taken during my trips and I believe that they speak for themselves. This is just a part of the adventure and i have just begun to explore the country. There are about 7107 islands in the Philippines and most of them have beautiful landscapes and beaches. There is a lot of time to explore the country which I will. For now this is all I have for you. More to follow later. Till then Cheerio 🙂

2013-The Year in Music-Tamil Top 10

2013 saw a new music scene in kollywood. Last years debutantes made a mark for themselves in 2013. The liked of Santhosh Narayanan & M Ghibran went from strength to strength this year while the liked of D. Imman proved that he belongs to the elite class. Overall music buffs had a great year as far as music was concerned. I have not considered recently released Thirumanam Ennum Nikaah, Jilla & Veeram. They will be considered for next year.

Top 10 Playlist:

1. Enga Pona Raasa- Maryan

2. Anandha Yaazhai- Thanga Meengal

3. Koodamela Koodavechu- Rummy

4. Paakadha Paakadha- Varutha Padadha Valibar Sangam

5. Osaka Osaka (Theni Kaathoda)- Vanakkam Chennai

6. Yeley Marudhu/Othakadai- Pandiyanaadu

7. Kaasu Panam Dhuddu Money- Soodhu Kavvum

8. Boomiyil- Pizza 2: The Villa

9. Kanna Kanna/Ari Unnai- Vathikuchi

Unakaaga Piranthene- Pannayarum Padminiyum

10. Mannavane en Mannavane- Irandam Ulagam

Songs that just missed the list:

En Veetula- Idharkudhaane Aasaipattai Balakumara

Inika Inika- Naiyaandi

Aavatha Paiyaa- Paradesi

Yaaro Ivan- Udhayam NH4

Aruvakaara- Kutty Puli

Album of the year: Maryan by AR Rahman

Top 3 Albums of 2013:

1. Maryan- A.R Rahman

2. Vanakkam Chennai- Anirudh

3. Thanga Meengal- Yuvan Shankar Raja

Music Director of the year: D. Imman (VVS, Desingu Raja, Rummy, Pandiyanaadu)

Best Debut album of the year: Pannayarum Padminiyum by Justin Prabakaran

The year that was!

2012 hit me so hard by the end of the year I was down and out. 2013, in that aspect has been kind. It has been a whirlwind year with it’s ups and downs(more ups ;)). It has been that kind of a year where everything seemed to fall in place and then it was all in shambles in a matter of days.  One day I was the bird & then the very next day I was the statue.

People getting married. Friends, best friends, cousins. Study, study, study. Just pass :P. Job hunt. Best Friend’s bachelor party in Indonesia. Club surfing. Midnight walks in alien land. Got an iPhone 5. Short trip to India. Travelling a lot. Meeting friends. Eat. Get fat. Try to reduce. Get an internship. Travel 3 hrs plus everyday to get to work. Change in residence. Watch movies. Eat, eat, eat. Get fat. Try to reduce. Watch movies again. Friend getting posted in the armed forces. A friend’s death. Boom! Birthday. Boom Boom! End of internship. Boom Boom Boom!!! Master’s degree biatches!

As i said it’s been that kind of year. I’ve almost given up of trying to reduce. I’ve watched like almost all the movies that have released this year (the most prominent ones at least). I’ve rekindled the interest to read and have successfully completed reading a couple of books. Manchester United are now 6th on the table. DM is doing a good job considering the fact he had big boots to fill. Team India did well in South Africa when everyone expected them to fail miserably. All said and done 2013 was a mixed year for me.

The biggest lesson of 2013 has been the learning that the struggle we are in today is developing the strength we need for tomorrow. 

2014 as usual holds new promises. Priorities galore. Hoping to have a better one. Happy new year to everyone. Cheers 🙂

2012-The Year in Music-Tamil Top 10 Songs

2012 has been a great year for music buffs. Album after album, hit after hit, this year has been wonderful when it comes to music. D Imman was a revelation this year with 3 fantabulous albums including the melodiously mesmerizing Kumki which earns him the MD of the year.

Here is the list of the songs that were played on loop innumerable times, stole our hearts during the course of the year;

1. Adiye – Kadal (A R Rahman)

2. Solitaale – Kumki (D Imman)

3. Aahaa Kaadhal – 3 per 3 Kaadhal (Yuvan Shankar Raja)

4. Oru paadhi Kadhavu – Thaandavam (GV Prakash Kumar)

5. Aasai Or Pulveli – Attakathi (Santhosh Narayanan)

6.  Mogathirai – Pizza (Santhosh Narayanan)

7. Vaaya Mudi – Mugamoodi (K)

8. En Uyire – Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathiley (Achu)

9. Iravugalil – Ponmaazhai Pozhudhu (Sathya C)

10. Po Po Po – Manam Kothi Paravai (D Imman)

Unnai Kaanadhu Naan – Viswaroopam (Shankar Ehsaan Loy)

Music Director of the Year: D Imman

Album of the Year: Kadal (A R Rahman)

Best Debut Album: Maalai Pozhudhin Myakathiley (Achu)

Best New Music Director: Santhosh Narayanan ( Pizza & Attakathi)


Songs that just missed the cut…

  • Poda Podi (Poda Podi)
  • Venam Machan Venam (OK OK)
  • Google Google (Thuppaki)
  • Don Don (Billa 2)
  • Azhaipaaya (Kaadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Eppadi)
  • Ennodu Vaa Vaa (Neethane En Ponvasantham)
  • Thappelam (Naan)




That time of the year where i usually wish myself! A year has whizzed past and i have become a year wiser, experienced and also a year younger(I age backwards like Benjamin Button). And so to 26 years of total madness, here’s Happy Birthday to me.

Also, a very Merry X’mas to all! May this festive season be a summoner of joy and happiness! God Bless!!! Cheers 🙂