Rewind 2016

Personally, 2016 for me was a fairly innocuous year. There were periods when a lot of things happened and there were periods where there was a lull. But, hey, I survived it all. Here is a rewind of my 2016

  • Attended a christian wedding right at the start of the year, of a colleague in Manila, dressed in a traditional Filipino dress(The Barong Tagalog).
  • Applied for a Singaporean PR, got rejected in record time(29 days). LOL!
  • Traveled to El Nido, Palawan, Philippines with friends. Had a wonderful time. 5 full days of masti.
  • Watched KABALI, first day first show(FDFS) @ Mayajaal, Chennai, India. Woke up at 4am and traveled about 40 kms.
  • Got my AADHAR CARD. w00t w00t!
  • Got my Philippine driving licence.
  • I broke something. Something important, something very precious and I dare not speak about it now.
  • Traveled by train and returned by flight(my first domestic flight experience) to Trivandrum, Kerala, India to attend the wedding of my dearest friend. Yet, another Christian wedding. What are the odds?
  • Had a family trip to Phuket & Bangkok, Thailand. Was in a cage with a live tiger, pro-kart raced and drove a jet ski. Three things ticked off the bucket list in one trip. And family time 🙂
  • Returned back to MNL after the trip and was hospitalized for one full week with Dengue. Darn the mosquitoes! More than the stay in hospital, what bugged me most was each day, anew nurse inquiring ‘Are you alone?’ and not to forget my veins beaten to pulp with needle pokes for blood tests(19 times, yes I kept count.)
  • Learnt that my company had a travel insurance in my name(since I am posted abroad). FULL REFUND!
  • Fitter than I was in 2015. Still a lot of weight fluctuations and bad diet practices. One step at a time.
  • Watched a hell lot of movies and series once again. Don’t see that changing one bit in 2017 too.
  • Planned to go skydiving, did not!
  • Failed miserably in my reading challenge for 2016. Read 8/15 books. The good thing though was that I had read all the 8 books by mid year and read bits and pieces the remaining 6 months. Will set the record straight in 2017.
  • Turned 30 this year. 30 years of pure awesome.
  • First Christmas and New years in Manila.

So, that was my 2016. If you read this, do leave a comment on how your 2016 was and wish you all a very Happy New Year 2017. Cheers 🙂



What if ?

June 22. A fateful date in my life.

7 years ago, on the same day after finding out that my name was in a list on the notice board, I was running along the college corridors with a group of friends shouting at the top of our lungs. The reason, all of us(who were shouting) got placed in a major IT company. To top it off, it was the first company that came in for placements and we were just completing our third year. It was a sense of overjoyed excitement compounded with an achievement. Continue reading

When opportunity knocks…

It has been almost 4 months since my last post and there has been so much around me that has changed. From close to securing a job in India to taking up a position in a totally new country. Life has been nothing short of CRAZY!!!


Towards the end of January 2014. On a fateful Tuesday morning, I received a phone call to come an attend an interview. I was asked to confirm if I am “OK” with this interview since the job position would be in India. I was never really into this particular job, however, i just wanted to give it a try & if I were selected I could always say “NO”. So on that notion I attended the interview on Wednesday and I was interviewed by the general manager who told me that I was over-qualified, but was being interviewed since they were trying out something new. I was offered the position. And all that was left was my final decision. It was a luring offer since I would be paid in a foreign currency and would work in India (Bengaluru to be exact). A Dream job, some would say! I came back home and discussed it with friends and family, but inside I was skeptic about working in India. I was still at loggerheads with myself on making a final decision. Early morning on Thursday, I was half asleep still when I received yet another phone call from the company asking me to come in for a “Second Interview”. So many things were racing through my mind at that very moment the HR mentioned a “second interview” since for all I know the position was already offered to me and I had met all the top people in the company including the boss, who was part of my first interview.

I was on time for the “Second Interview” but had to wait for about an hour and half since there was a sudden client meet and the bosses were busy. When I was finally called in, it was into a meeting room with the boss, hr and the general managers. And what followed was life changing in certain aspects. They informed me that the position I had interviewed for was being kept on “HOLD” and asked me if I would be interested in a managerial position in the Philippines (mild KANNA LADDU THINNA AASAYA feel). So many things were racing in my mind that although I tried to concentrate on what was being said there, I just couldn’t. I still do not remember what was being said and discussed for a few moments after they announced about the new position. And to go with this, I would be offered accomodation & transport. All I had to take care was the food. The other conditions would remain the same as discussed. Yet again, the ball was in my court. I had to decide.

There were a lot of discussions and lots of phone calls made. Discussions with family and friends were 50-50. For some strange reason, for me while working in India gave me the creeps, going to an absolutely new country(where people advised me that my life would be in jeopardy) seemed challenging. I had already made up my mind. My reasoning: I lived(read as survived) in an alien land, where language was a main barrier for 3 years, why cant  I in a land where people speak English and are far more easy going. Opportunity was knocking hard at my door and I was in no mood to let it leave. i opened my door to the opportunity and embraced it wholly.

The mind is a palace of a thousand thoughts and most of them were what if? questions. Although I had accepted this “Challenge”, I was still a bit afraid if everything would work out. As I write this, it’s already been 2 months since I took up the job and I am very happy that I took it up. I could have chosen a safe way and declined the offer. Nobody would have said anything & I would have been safely cocooned in my comfort zone. But, that’s not what we live for. is it?


More in my next post. Till then stay classy!

Loved this!

In the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible love.
In the midst of tears, I found there was, within me, an invincible smile.
In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm.
I realized, through it all, that…
In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.

– Albert Camus

of life and other small things!

It’s been quite a while since i had blogged. Wanted to write on many occasions, but as usual laziness always gets the better of me. Singapore has been treating me well. It’s fun doing the balancing act b/w studies, entertainment & sleep. I’m still learning to master that art of balance.

So, a recap of the past few weeks. They have been hectic, if  could really use that word here since sleep takes most part of the day. Between sleep and the few hours of college lectures there have been numerous events happening. CA’s & projects have taken up most of the time. And CA’s are really a good way that make u to look into your notes once in a while. As always there is an exception. ADVANCED MECHANICS OF MATERIALS. One subject where even after u study for hours & spend hours preparing the most efficient cheat sheet in the history will make u wonder why you are even studying this subject. Sigh! And then there were a couple of volunteering sessions. Somethings that you give back to the society.

Between all this happened to watch Maattrraan in a theatre far away. There are some shitty things you do in life and watching Maattrraan was one of them. Absolute horrible disaster. Perhaps the only saving grace in the movie was it allowed us to make fun of it for the whole duration of 3 hours, No kidding! Also been listening to a lot of latest songs and have been really impressed by quite a few. Podaa Podi is peppy and good. Love the complete album. Jab tak hai Jaan is usual Rahman material. Still gotta hear it a few times on loop to love it more.

Playing these on loop

Today was an even more eventful day, thanks to the stop start Singapore weather. A perfect plan to chill out at East Coast Park was ruined, thanks to the rain. But then a sumptuous dinner at a low price at ANNALAKSHMI restaurant followed by chill out with the gang. ECP can wait for another day, another time!

That’s about it! Life is simple with all the small things perfectly in balance. What more do u need?

until we meet, cheers 🙂

Living the Dream-The Singapore Experience

Its just been over a month and the feeling is yet to sink in fully. Everything seems like a dream, perhaps reminding me i’m living one! It took a year and half to materialize, but everything has just seemed to fall in place. A month and half almost, its been fun till now and guess will be even more fun in the time to come.

The City

Singapore is a wonderful place to be in(read as after 3 hostile years in Kuwait, any place seems like heaven ;)). No kidding here. The word hostile can take a backseat. It’s more like an Indian atmosphere. People mind their own business, and they don’t give a damn about how u dress or how u comb your hair or what u wear for that matter of fact. The greenary is soothing to the eyes. Everything is clean and well organised. Travelling from one place to another was never easier. With the MRT, LRT and Buses to every nook and corner. You ask me, Singapore is the place to be!

The University

Where do i start? NTU is a never ending maze. Have just explored let’s say 25-30% of it. Lot’s of clubs, lot’s of opportunities to keep one self entertained. The lecture theatres are like the medieval time amphitheaters, Huge and extremely chilly. Some classes fun, most classes boring. But gotta study them all. Lots of recreation. Already been Dragon Boating and trying my hand at Archery. The 2 weeks of college so far has been fun to say the least. Maybe i’ll have something bad to say in my next post…maybe!!! 😉

The Food

After 3 years of being amma fed, being self fed and the occasional awesomatic cooking of room-mates is a welcome change, but the paunch has ceased to reduce. All the Indian food outlets tastes the same and there ain’t much of a difference. But, the one thing i hate the most keeps flashing everywhere and its absolutely unavoidable. RICE. Everything here revolves around rice. The side dishes range from cabbage to pork, duck and whole lot of things that walk and crawl. My resistance to pork and beef still continues. However, one can never say when the resistance will give away. Still have the belly and the hunger to try out a lot of cuisines, which will be done in due time 😉

The Experience

Although i miss my good friends back in Kuwait, staying at home with parents and the office scenario. This is something i always wanted. Being a student again isn’t that bad as i had imagined. And i’m absolutly loving every moment of it!

The journey has just begun…long way to go 🙂

For more on my Singporience (a word i just made up :P), please feel free to follow my picture blog at tumblr where i have linked my instagram account:


The Resignation

Finally, the thing i had been long waiting for has happened. And this post should also have happened a few weeks ago, just that i wanted to write but just did not find that enough enthusiasm to go ahead with it. But, today is another day.

I have officially resigned from my job. A decision which i had taken more than a year ago, and a dream which was for more than 3 years.  had to wait, painfully long for this and finally it has come to me.

I filed my resignation a couple of weeks ago, and i’m still wondering at the things that have transpired back in office. 3 people have been appointed to take care of the work i was doing and the best part is I am still doing some of the work. so effectively now 4 people are doing what 1 guy has to do. This is a paradox on how i should feel. Proud that i was able to take up so much pressure and work or hard done by that I’ve been a fool all along to have been working the work of 3 people. My boss had called me in a few days ago and asked me “If it was really necessary” i had to leave. I had nothing but a strong “YES” as the reply.

And, so come July, ill embark into the familiar unknown. A new life. A new beginning. The wait was worth it.