The Discourse: Ep.1: Arrival

We go to the movies to be entertained. But, once in a while a movie comes along that asks us to invest ourselves into it completely. We need to be watching very closely since each scene will tell you something. You might not understand the movie in ‘one watching’, it happened for Inception. It happened for Interstellar and Arrival joins these prestigious films in making the viewers think and Dennis Villeneuve has made sure that his vision has been translated into the screens to the fullest potential setting the right moods with his scenes and backed up with a beautiful OST.

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So, finally a Rajnikanth movie has released after 3 long years of waiting and delays one after the other. After watching the trailer, the animation looked pretty sub-standard, but the final product as a movie is not all that bad. It is definitely better than what I had expected it to be.

So, ill give you 5 reasons why you should definitely watch Kochadaiyan;

1. Rajnikanth as RANA

2. Rajnikanth as KOCHADAIYAAN

3. “SUPERSTAR” Rajnikanth

4. A.R. Rahman for a brilliant background score. The music absolutely holds the movie together

5. K.S.Ravikumar for a wonderful story line, script and screenplay. The dialogue writer too deserves a kudos for some crisp lines.

Pretty much everything a thalaivar fan can ask for. Perfect paisa vasool. My only disappointment is that this made into an animated(read as motion capture) film and not made into a feature film. Would have been a staggering blockbuster. Hopefully the second part(if it is made) would have much better graphics(read again as motion capture) than the first.

Kochadaiyaan-Treat for  Rajni fans. Not a bad watch otherwise too if you are willing to forgive the animation. 



Godzilla poster

What could have been a superb movie has been reduced to an average watch due to a botched up storyline. The graphics are pretty awesome and the background score by Alexandre Desplat keeps the tensions high. Wish Bryan Cranston had more screen time. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, welcome to the big league. The movie was pretty slow paced and once we get a glimpse of the king of monsters it speeds up. And the climax scenes were pretty EPIC! I had a pretty awesome time in the theatre watching this film mainly because I had seats vibrating to the sound effects. Awesome-sauce it was!

GODZILLA: Watch it in theaters for the effects. The king of monsters will not disappoint you!


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Some movies are so melodramatic that they make you cry, some movies just entertain, some makes you introspect and then there’s QUEEN. No unwanted melodrama, no unwanted item songs, just crisp and fresh storytelling. QUEEN is one of those rare gems in Indian cinema that is totally heroine centric. When all directors and actors are running behind record openings & boasting about their business in C’s, Queen is a fresh whiff of change. Hats off to Vikas Bahl for that and all the makers that backed him for this project. Continue reading

3-Movie Review

3-The Power of Love



3 takes us deep into the life and love of Ram (Dhanush) & Janani (Shruti Haasan), whom we are introduced to as 12th standard students. A casual help of offering to fix the cycle chain makes Ram fall for Janani. he follows her everywhere and as Physics, chemistry and biology has taught us both of them fall in love. Janani warns Ram before accepting his love that she will leave to the USA since it’s her mother’s dream for their family to settle there. We are then showed the college days where Janani comes and tells Ram they her parents are taking her to USA. She is forced to tell her parents that she loves Ram. Ram & Janani get married and lead a good life. Perfect story, innit??? It does not end there. We are told a totally different story in the events that follow. And what exactly happens forms the climax.

The first half is a joyride. Dhanush & Shruti’s love scenes are cute and realistic. They seem to have hit the right equations in chemistry. Prabhu as Ram’s father is adorable in his father avatar. A perfect dad. But it is Siva Karthikeyan (of Vijay TV fame) steals the show with his witty one liners and well times mocks in the entire first half. The second half tells a different story altogether. The fun disappears, there is almost a dark feel to the film. The climax will leave you with a lump in the throat.

Coming to the performances, Dhanush as usual is on a streak. Film after film, the efficiency if his performances are on the rise. He emotes well, provides the laughs and reaches a great level of intensity in fight scenes. A show stealer. Sruti Haasan provides ample support to Dhanush. Acting is in her genes and she showcases her talent in the first half of the movie. She is merely reduced to a crying machine in the second half where that is what she was asked to do. Sundar who comes as Dhanush’s friend makes you yearn for a friend like him. Apart from them all characters do their roles to perfection.

The music by Anirudh Ravichander is brilliant for someone who is making his debut. His background music is soulful support to the movie. He excels in the background during the fight scene. Brilliant use that! The songs are already a rage and are sure to catch on since the movie is released now. The widely acclaimes Kolaveri Di is decently picturised. Do not expect too much as songs blend along with the film.

The film overall gives a feeling that we were watching 2 different movies at the same time. A tale of two halves. At times it seems dragging post interval. Dhanush’s Characterterisation gives a strong whiff of the recently released Mayakkam Enna.  Overall a decent effort from debutante director Aishwaria R. Dhanush. A pat on the back for trying something different. An extra star for the brilliant casting and performances. 

Rajster’s Verdict:

3-Bipolar. Watch it for the performances.

AADUKALAM-Movie Review


Aadukalam-Battle Won



Some films just provide entertainment, some will keep you at the edge of your seats & some will linger in your mind for hours with performances that affect you for days, scenes that you wish you could watch over and over again & music that you can keep humming. Aadukalam does it all. The swashbuckling combo of Vaetrimaaran & Dhanush are back together after their much acclaimed dark horse POLLATHAVAN to give us a gutsy, brilliant & realistic film in AADUKALAM.

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