2016-The Year in Music-Tamil Top 10

file_000-12016 was an average year music wise with not many great songs to choose from. A.R.Rahman was at his standard 2 albums a year, Anirudh was much out of sorts and D.Imman was churning out albums like an assembly line(think he had 11-12 releases this year). Harris Jayaraj is still searching for his missing omakaziya and Santhosh Narayanan is moving further away from his brand of music with his recent releases(read Bairavaa). There were some bright sparks though coming in from young upcoming composers like Nivas K. Prasanna, Leon James, Sean Roldan and K. So here goes my best 10 of 2016, songs that I loved and listened to on repeat this whole year.

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of life and other small things!

It’s been quite a while since i had blogged. Wanted to write on many occasions, but as usual laziness always gets the better of me. Singapore has been treating me well. It’s fun doing the balancing act b/w studies, entertainment & sleep. I’m still learning to master that art of balance.

So, a recap of the past few weeks. They have been hectic, if  could really use that word here since sleep takes most part of the day. Between sleep and the few hours of college lectures there have been numerous events happening. CA’s & projects have taken up most of the time. And CA’s are really a good way that make u to look into your notes once in a while. As always there is an exception. ADVANCED MECHANICS OF MATERIALS. One subject where even after u study for hours & spend hours preparing the most efficient cheat sheet in the history will make u wonder why you are even studying this subject. Sigh! And then there were a couple of volunteering sessions. Somethings that you give back to the society.

Between all this happened to watch Maattrraan in a theatre far away. There are some shitty things you do in life and watching Maattrraan was one of them. Absolute horrible disaster. Perhaps the only saving grace in the movie was it allowed us to make fun of it for the whole duration of 3 hours, No kidding! Also been listening to a lot of latest songs and have been really impressed by quite a few. Podaa Podi is peppy and good. Love the complete album. Jab tak hai Jaan is usual Rahman material. Still gotta hear it a few times on loop to love it more.

Playing these on loop

Today was an even more eventful day, thanks to the stop start Singapore weather. A perfect plan to chill out at East Coast Park was ruined, thanks to the rain. But then a sumptuous dinner at a low price at ANNALAKSHMI restaurant followed by chill out with the gang. ECP can wait for another day, another time!

That’s about it! Life is simple with all the small things perfectly in balance. What more do u need?

until we meet, cheers 🙂

DELHI-6-Music Review



RATING: bw-star-45

The new year has started on a high for ARR after his golden run at the golden globe awards and here he is back with his first release of 2009. The Rang de Basanti duo of Rahman and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra have joined hands once again to give us a swashbuckling album.

Masakkali (Mohit Chauhan)

The song that we got very used to in the teasers. A wonderful tune by Rahman with a tinge of naughtiness and fun quotient in it. I never did know that Mohit Chauhan could sing so well. An excellent song with the right mix and fun filled lyrics hits the bulls eye.

Bhor Bhaye (Shreya Ghoshal, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Gujri Todi)

A perfectly INDIAN kind of song with a wonderful classical influence. Might not be a big hit at an instant hearing but grows on you as u keep on hearing to this number. Shreya has sung her heart out while Ustad and Gujri todi give her great support. Some great instrumentation makes this song a classical masterpiece.

Noor (Amitabh Bachchan)

Not exactly a song. This is a small rendition by Big B. Watch out for the music playing in the backround, it is celestial.

Aarti(Tumre Bhavan Mein) (Rekha Bharadwaj, Kishori Gowariker, Shraddha Pandit, Sujata Majumdar)

A very similiar track to the one we have heard in RDB. A song to rejoice and hear along with your grand parents.

Ghenda Phool (Rekha Bharadwaj, Shraddha Pandit, Sujata Majumdar)

A marriage song for sure. Set with an oye oye oye prelude which is followed by some beats. A great improvisation by the maestro is visible from its interludes. Rekha Bhardwaj has given a great feel to the song with her mesmerising voice after Chinnamaa Chilakamma. A winner from its start goes straight into the heart.

Dil Gira Dafatan (Ash King, Backing Chinmayee)

Wow!!! what a song from the magic maestro. The music just grows on you as the song spans out and it is no less than a chart buster. Ash King being a London born Indian has given the right fell to the song and chinmayee as usual rocks with her voice although she has very few lines. Shows the way Rahman gets the best from his artists. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful from beginning to end, this track showcases why A.R. Rahman is the best music director in India. Thums way up for this brave and beautiful track that will move your soul!

Hey Kalaa Bandhar (Naresh Iyer, Karthik, Srinivas, Bony Chakaravarthy)

A wonderful experiment by Rahman that comes off beautifully. An entirely different song from the rest in the album, Kalaa Bandhar is given the exact feeling by its singers. The rocking Karthik, the swashbuckling Naresh Iyer and Srinivas with Rap by Bony Chakaravarthy take the song one notch up with their voices. Athough certain hummings reminds us of Yuvvraaj(the ooh hummings), it is an engaging listen. It’s odd, and has a wandering techno beat, but the quirky lyrics and the interlude with the Arabic style singing adds a nice touch. Where’s the monkey???

Rehna Tu (A.R.Rahman, Benny Dayal, Tanvi shah)

A soothing melody with amazing vocals, the voice of Rahman just lifts the song to the heavens. It is such a wonderful song that will be the new anthem for lovers from this very moment. The layered voices that support him include Rahman’s mainstay Benny Dayal and Tanvi. It’s jazzy, it’s funky, and it’s Rahman being playfully creative by combining different styles of music. We didn’t get one of those in “Ghajini” or “Yuvvraaj”, the one for which he takes the mic. His voice just puts you into a meditative trance.

Delhi-6 (Blaaze, Benny Dayal, Vivinenne Pocha, Tanvi, Claire)

Yeh Dilli hai mere Yaar!!!!…Keep singing along with this track. A perfect Hip-Hop album with some great instrumentation and mad guitaring. The “Khalbali” of Delhi-6 for sure. Yeh Delhi hai mere yaar…bas ishq mohabbat pyaar. Great job by the singers too make it an instant hit among listeners.

Arziyan(Maula Maula) (Javed Ali, Kailash Kher)

A masterful end to the album with a qawwali. javed and Kailash just blow u away with their voices in this number that takes you to another place entirely. A song in the ranks of “Kwhaja” and “Marhaban Mustapha”. A song that will long stay in your heats long after you have stopped listening to it. Absolutely a Masterpiece.

Rajster’s Top 3 of the Album:

  1. Arziyan(Maula Maula).
  2. Dil Giraa Daftaan.
  3. Masakkali

P.S: Whoa, it was tough to leave out Rehna Tu and Delhi 6. since its just 3 i will go with the above song. It was a tough job choosing the best 3.

Rajster’s Verdict:

Just when you start thinking how high can Rahman go, the maestro strikes with Delhi-6, a wonderful mix of all generes and shows why he is the master in his trade. He raises the bar even further than what you think he can reach. That’s Rahman for you. 2009 started off well with Luck By Chance and Naan kadavul and it just got better with Delhi-6. So, what are you waiting for. Grab your Cd’s and get mesmerized.

Delhi-6- Yeh Delhi Hai Mere Yaar!!!! Rahman Style.





Harris is back after a low profile Sathyam and how???. You will soon find out after hearing his mesmerizing tunes of Vaaranam Aayiram. This album is by far the best album in Harris’s career and the deadly trio of Gautham-Surya-Harris are back in superb style to haunt you forever. Lets get rollin.

Adiyae Kolluthey (Krishh,Benny Dayal,Shruthi Haasan)

A song that was a hit even before its actual release. Leaked through the internet this song is rising steadily up the charts after its release. This guitar based song sticks to your heart mainly due to its cool renditions by Krishh (June Ponal) and Shruthi Hassan (Daughter of Kamal Hassan). Shruthi’s voice is a bit rustic and fits in the mood of the song perfectly. Already a hit among the masses.

Nenjukkul Peithidum (Hariharan,Deven,V.Prasanna)

Harris proves his like for melody with this song. Starting with a guitaric prelude the song is totally guitar based combined with some wonderful singing by Hariharan and the other vocalists. A love anthem nonetheless. A song that will stay long in your hearts even after you hear it. The lyrics of the song deserves special praise for its feel.

Annul Malae (Sudha Raghunadhan)

One of the best songs i have ever heard. A feel good Carnatic classical song with excellent vocals from Sudha Raghunathan who gives the song a new lease of life with her voice. A special hats off for this song and its lyrics.

Mundhinam (Naresh Iyer,Prashantini)

Yet another melody from the master. Yet another guitar based song with mesmerizing vocals from Naresh Iyer. The song is given the perfect fell with the mix of instruments in its music and the drugging voice of Prashanthini. Yet another chartbuster.

Ava Enna (Karthik)

A pleasant surprise is in store for all u freaking Gautham fans. This song is a “Gaana” type song and it is in a Gautham Menon movie. I’ll give harris full marks for this song. Karhik is so good always that this song is a walk in the park for him when it comes to rendering his vocals. Gadam and other hand instruments form the basic music instrumentation with the dandiya like stick beats. Good Folk number.

Oh! Shanthi Shanthi (S.P.B.Charan,Clinton)

Another Oh! shanthi but with slightly different scales and lyrics. My personal favorite. A superb song with good vocal support from Charan and Clinton. The guitar prelude and during the Oh! shanthi chant are totally awesome.

Yethi Yethi (Benny Dayal,Naresh Iyer,Solar Sai)

A superb hip hop style number. Benny Dayal is going places with his voices for sure and thats purely isible in his feel and rendition. Naresh and Solar Sai provide perfect foil. A youth based song and the lyrics just reflects that. Yet another personal favourite.

Rajster’s Top 3 of the Album:

  1. Adiyae Kolluthey.
  2. Nenjukkul Peithidum.
  3. Annul Malae.

P.S: It was really difficult for me to choose just 3 songs as the best. All the songs are equally good.

Rajster’s Verdict:

A really chart topping album from Harris after a lame Sathyam. The songs are there to make an impact and if the visuals are half as good as the songs are then we have yet another blockbuster in our hands. It’s an album for all ages and a definite don’t miss. Harris is the master of melody and has proved his mettle bigtime.

Vaaranam Aayiram-Musically Enthralling!!!